Keep it on track

Happy new year to all!!

After a wonderful break, all our team members are back in the office and will carry on the JISC project within the department. Before christmas, Dr Saiful Islam had joined the team and now he is working as a research associate with Dr Vasa Curcinto provide excellent support to the project.  They will lead the design of a database schema and a data portal as well.

So what’s going on for this short project?

Before the christmas break, we had finished the documentation of metadata for datasets being hold at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. All metadata are now stored in Endnote as an interim stage, we aim to transfer this to a standard Protege ontology.  Vasa and Saiful have drafted a database schema using GPRD dataset as an example. Dr Michael Soljak keeps in touch with National Information Governance Board (NIGB) and NHS Information Centre (NHS IC) regarding the healthcare information governance issues and policies during the past few months and reviews on these policies are ongoing.  Yutong is busy at doing the requirement analysis interviews with individual researchers at the Department. Responses from our researchers are quite positive and most of them are interested in the outputs of this project.  We also follow closely with colleagues at the teams  History DMP  and C4DM when doing our interviews.  This work has almost been done although we are still waiting a few researchers back in office from their holiday. The summary of the interviews will soon be available at this website!

So what’s next?

Over the next few months we will be working closely as a full team on the following targets:

  •  to develop a departmental data management plan
  • to produce policies for healthcare data repositories
  • to built a data access portal
  • to work with other departments within the School of Public Health and seek any potential further cooperation

Our second Advisory Board Meeting will be held at the begining of February, by then we shall report the progress to the Board and discuss more!

Will be very busy over the next few months!


2 Responses to Keep it on track

  1. Many thanks for this update (and I’m sorry for not having commented on it sooner – I have been very busy myself largely writing a funding call which will be released shortly).

    I was wondering whether you have a date set for the Advisory Board meeting and whether you would consider inviting me to it? I like to have the opportunity to contribute to such meetings.

    Otherwise I am glad to see progress is being made. I look forward to hearing more about the requirements analyses, the metadata / ontology work and the database schema when available.

    You are probably aware of the interesting post from #smdmrd on data management plans and policies – I look forward to reading your thoughts on this and to seeing the plan and policy as it is developed. Your project may be interested in contributing to the workshop we are planning for early March (discussed on the MRD list on Friday 27 Jan).

    All best,


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