Rapid Organisation of Health Research Data is a JISC-funded project based at Imperial College London’s Department of Primary Care and Public Health (PCPH) and Department of Computing (DOC), with the following objectives:

  • To obtain an overview of research data held by School of Public Health (SPH) and the extent of overlaps, with a view to developing Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) for all SPH Departments
  • To develop a research data management plan (RDMP) for PCPH, in addition for use as a template within SPH
  • To integrate the PCPH primary care and national data repositories within the same framework
  • To create a generic, extensible data access strategy and database design
  • To automate standard aggregation, filtering, selection and reporting tasks from the data
  • To develop metadata for current and planned Primary Care and Public Health (PCPH) data sources and ensure its consistency with research metadata guidelines
  • To produce policies and forms for reuse of aggregate health research data originally derived from Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES)

The anticipated outputs and outcomes are as follows:

  • A requirements analysis report
  • A metadata dictionary
  • An RDMP for PCPH together with a template for RDMP for other SPH departments
  • A data discovery report for other SPH departments
  • Technical infrastructure development including database design, guidance and user support documentation
  • Standardized analytical workflows for data profiling and associated web reporting components
  • A data access and analysis portal to the repository portal for SPH
  • Online and group-based training to access and use data via the portal
  • Standard JISC Final Reports and Project Closure Surveys

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